Here's special information concerning transparency and sustainability of your COMBO bag. You will also find the care instructions in the end of the page.

All fabrics are upcycled

Shell & lining: 100 % upcycled butyl rubber from the local diving suit production
Strap: 100 % GRS recycled polyester
Inner label: 100 % upcycled polyester mix, may contain nylon


Multi-way item that can be used either as a crossbody bag or as a belt bag. Detachable and adjustable logo strap that can be even used separately as a belt.

Two separate compartments with two zippers.

Our modern (sustainability)

We keep it simple: by purchasing this bag you give a second life to the material otherwise ending up in landfill or burning trash. We have developed the sustainability of the COMBO bag starting from the tiniest details to be as sustainable as possible. 100 % the fabrics (strap, zipper tape, label and material of the bag itself) are sustainable.

We use quality materials to create a long life cycle to our product. Majority of the components of our bag come either from Finland or other places in Europe. The decision supports our goal to create as little carbon dioxide as possible.

We use Finnish subcontractors in procurement of the components and in the production to support local and small businesses. Despite using local subcontractors, we have researched where the components originate. To make sure we collaborate with partners who share our values we visit their factories prior to forming a partnership. We compare their performance to our social and environmental standards alongside their technical capability before taking the decision to proceed.

To ease the recycling process the pieces of the product can be separated.

We evaluate our sustainability practices on an on-going basis. All sustainability information is researched and calculated with environmental impacts in mind. In the future we will continue to develop more sustainable business practices.


Our goal is to ensure the best quality of our items by working with the most qualified professionals. Cuitu products are locally produced, close to the sources of leftover materials. At present, all production takes place in Turku, Finland. We can thus avoid unnecessary transportation of materials and promote local work. Having a close relationship with the production suppliers in Finland allows us to have a lot of information about production. Using their smartphones, customers can access this information by scanning the NFC tag located under the brand label in each of our products. Furthermore, we want to make sure we only produce by necessity to minimize the burden caused for the environment. Therefore, some of our products are made with Assemble-to-order (ATO) principles in mind. In regards to producing components, like zippers, we visit the factories of potential partners prior to establishing a partnership, to ensure they share our values. We compare their performance to our social and environmental standards alongside their technical capability before taking the decision to proceed.

Sustainability by design

We design based on the pre-production leftover waste materials. These materials may vary and come in different colors, sizes and shapes. By being innovative in terms of design, we are able to, for example, utilize even the smallest fragment of cutting surplus to achieve zero waste. There are more than 20 pieces in some of our products, so they are designed like a puzzle. In addition, we use our own production leftovers to make small components for our own products, such as labels. We strive to create pieces that capture the essence of style without compromising sustainability. The functionality, timelessness and high quality of our items disrupts the seasonal nature of the fashion industry and therefore investing in our accessories is worthwhile.

Care instructions

Sponge clean recommended, sensitive handwash with similar colors if needed under 40 C. Color transfer may occur. 

Do not leave in direct sunlight, do not iron, do not bleach, do not soak, do not tumble dry, do not dry clean.

This bag is made to last. If there is an issue with the item or it is no longer in use, and you do not want to recycle or re-sell it yourself, please reach out to us at and we will take care of everything.